Tract A consists of about 47 acres of meadow, willows and forest.  It is the site of the River House, located near the West Fork of the Bitterroot River.  The northwestern portion of the meadow along the river is prime habitat for elk and moose, and is bordered by a grove of beautiful conifers to include the largest Ponderosa Pine on the ranch.




Tract B contains 65 acres of meadow, forest, willow groves and pasture.  Its eastern border is the West Fork of the Bitterroot River, and a hiking trail runs near its northern boundary.  The Bench House is sited on an alluvial fan (called a bench in these parts) just below Than Wilkerson Ridge.  The elk in the front yard usually ignore us as they move from the meadow to the ridge in the evening.



Tract C is comprised of 37 acres of meadow land, willow groves and ponds.  The West Fork of the Bitterroot River is on the east and US Forest Service wilderness on the West.  Cattle ranchers built the original home in 1947.  It has seen several additions and modifications since that time, and is now the very spacious and comfortable Ranch House.



Tract D consists of about 29 acres of meadow and willow groves containing three cabins, two of which are restored original buildings dating from the early 1900s.  This tract is bounded by the West Fork of the Bitterroot River on the east, Chicken Creek on the south and US Forest Service land on the west.  The northern boundary traverses a meadow and willow grove, with the willows providing an excellent visual barrier.  The cabins are also separated visually by an extensive landscaping project planted in the spring of 2002.



Tract 6 is an 8 acre parcel on the hillside east of the river and road. The West Fork of the Bitterroot River forms its western boundary and on the other three sides the land is forested, melding into Tract E on the south and east. It is home to the Chalet’.



Tract E is located on the south side of Chicken Creek at its confluence with the West Fork, and is immediately adjacent to Tract D.  The land west of the river is level and contains a horse barn with hay storage in the loft, 4 indoor stalls and 4 covered exterior stalls.  The barn has electricity, a tack room and a water well that supplies troughs in both the barn and pastures.  Also on Tract E is a large (3,000 sq ft) implement shed as well as two fenced pastures and a riding arena.  That portion of Tract E on the east side of the river is steep and forested.  Easements established in the HOA covenants allot four bays of the implement shed for storage of hay and the equipment used to maintain common area infrastructure..  In addition, ranch personnel are allowed access to Tract E, to include three fuel tanks on the north side of the implement shed.  The owner of Tract B also has access to the fuel tanks, and a new owner may establish fuel tanks as well.  A burn area has been designated on Tract E for slash accumulated on the ranch.  As can be noted from the above, Tract E is an excellent horse facility as well as a vital resource serving the common interests of all owners at Alta Meadow Ranch.