Stagecoach Inn


This logo is etched in the front door window pane at the "Inn"


ALTA MEADOW RANCH has recently renovated an historic lodging called the Stagecoach Inn.  Built in 1910 as both an inn and a home for Frank Kraft and his family, it meant a meal and a dry place to sleep back in Alta's gold rush days.  For many years it stood empty only a few miles away, and in the spring of 1999, this venerable icon of the high Bitterroot found a new home and lots of tender loving care at Alta Meadow.  The inn has been restored to a very stylish and comfortable version of its period, with modern conveniences added unobtrusively.  With its rich history, period decor and creature comforts, the Stagecoach Inn will be an excellent guest house.

The following is a comment from one of the first couples to stay in the "Inn":  

"The Stagecoach Inn is fabulous!  It was obvious to us that great care had been taken, not only in the meticulous restoration of the building, but also in adding just the perfect amenities to create a dream come true vacation home.  From the fully-equipped, modern kitchen to all the new furnishings and antique accessory tables, to the beautifully framed historical photos on the walls, to the relaxing whirlpool tub: we felt like we had found paradise in the Bitterroot Valley.  We didn't even mind doing laundry there because of the new washer and dryer!  To top it all off, we were ale to walk just a few yards from the door to fly fish in a clear stream were we caught cutthroat and brook trout.  We had the best time ever!  We'll be back - for longer next time!"  J & P L.  


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