Ranch House

The original Ranch House was built in a hurry.  The family of cattle ranchers who built it had just been burned out of a large home on the east side of the river, near the present day River Lodge.  The fire occurred in November of 1947, and they realized that in a short time the weather would present serious problems.  Fortunately the logs had already been harvested in anticipation of building the following spring.  Some time later the ranch had a visit from the "tin men" who covered the logs with aluminum siding, preserving them very nicely until 1990, when renovation started by exposing the true building.  An insulated 2x4 internal frame was constructed and covered with pine paneling.  The colorful barn wood used on the living room wall and trim in the bedrooms came from dilapidated outbuildings on the ranch.  Dormers were added to the attic, resulting in two generous bedrooms and a bathroom.  The dining room, front porch and greenhouse were grafted onto the original building, striving to capture the same log look.  The attached greenhouse is about 800 SF and is fully functional. An open area near its northern wall would accommodate a large spa.  It could be surrounded by tropical plants, an herb garden or a multitude of vegetables (or any combination of flora).  A large room behind the greenhouse has been used as a wood shop, but could easily be converted to a spacious family room.


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