Honeymooner's Comments

A very peaceful stop on our Montana honeymoon tour.  After a beautiful day in Yellowstone National Park, Heidi and I were blessed to be in a place so much like a dream.  Quiet, beautiful, majestic.  What can I say except, this is just what we needed.  We've enjoyed the rustic environment of the Stagecoach Inn, with its mountain views and babbling brooks.  We've enjoyed a couple of nice walks around the ranch, too.  I think, mostly, we've enjoyed just being alone in the quiet beauty of this place.  We've lost ourselves in the serenity.  It's been a great few days; a great few days we will not soon forget.  I am certain that we will be back.  May God bless and keep all who follow.  On to Glacier, next!  Andrew and Heidi W.  Holland, Michigan
Beatttie and Deb, Thanks for the wonderfully peaceful respite.  We just finished planning and having a wedding and it has been so nice to leave the craziness behind and have a time of rest and relaxation.  We had a chance to go hiking and visited the ranger station, went fishing on the West Fork where Lisa caught her first fish, and took some peaceful walks through the ranch with our faithful entourage of dogs.  Although Canada is beautiful, this area of Montana is a remarkable combination of rugged beauty and romantic solitude.  The Stagecoach Inn has been such a wonderful place to kick back, a home away from home, and a perfect balance of modern convenience and rustic living.  Thanks Beattie for your hospitality and for making us feel so at home.  Bryan & Lisa M.  Calgary, Alberta/ Canada
Like the couple before our entry, we also met online.  Bryce is from Montana and I'm from California.  Soon after we first met we knew we were going to get married some day and began looking for "the place" to spend our honeymoon.  Well, almost 2 years later we made to the place we had both found and said that we would "someday spend our honeymoon at".  I have never been so pleased to find something that was actually better than the advertisement!  The Stagecoach Inn is beautiful and is all that we hoped for.  How many people get to see a moose lying in the middle of the road taking a nap?  We have decided we want to return each year to just to kick back and relax.  Thanks for a wonderful place to do just that Beattie.  Bryce and Shelli S.
We are on our honeymoon and my wife suggested Montana and we found Alta Meadow - what a "perfect" place.  It has been cool but great weather.  First morning here I ventured to the ponds and caught the largest trout of my life - 24 inch, 6 lb rainbow trout on a fly that I tied - unbelievable.  We did a float trip on the Bitterroot and Matt made it a great trip - caught 14 trout and one nice Rainbow (17"), and another nice Cutthroat (18").  Have ventured to Hamilton and Darby shopping.  Since we are on our honeymoon and can't fish all the time .... went horseback riding and had a great time.  The Stagecoach Inn is just spectacular - what a place to come home to each day.  Beattie and family were very attentive and have done a great job with Alta Meadow.  This part of the country is just breath-taking and we have seen elk, deer, moose, bighorn sheep and of course Roxie, Jake and Dusty.  We could not have found  a better place to spend our honeymoon.  When you look around at all the scenery right outside the door you can truly say you are in God's country.  It was hard to leave and we definitely will not say good-bye because we will be back.  Thanks for a great honeymoon and keeping this first class ranch just the way it is .  Just amazing.  Mark and Jennifer W. Jefferson MD
We were amazed by the luxury of the cabin.  First night we tried out the Jacuzzi tub after catching a few cutthroat , couldn't get the browns to bite.  Second night and day went to Darby and Hamilton and did a little shopping - went fishing on the way home.  Third day went horse back riding and it was great fun.  Saw lots of deer and a moose at sunset (in the meadow).  Today we pack up and leave with hopes of sometime making it back to  our honeymoon locale.  Matt & Megan S.  Suffolk, VA
What a beautiful, quiet and fun place.  Definitely a perfect spot for a honeymoon.  'We were content and happy the whole time - hiking, campfires and simply lounging in the Homestead with its beautiful accommodations.  The moon was beautiful - we saw many white tailed deer and enjoyed listening to the geese.  We loved it and the only thing that is missing is not being able to stay longer.  Thank you very much!  Hope we can soon return to this home away from home!  Bob & Sara T.  Rexburg, Idaho
The cabin and ranch are beautiful.  We couldn't have asked for a more perfect spot to spend our honeymoon.  The Barnhouse was cozy and warm to come back to after spending our days white water rafting and horseback riding.  (I love the tub).  Ryan loved the cool weather (a big change for us from our Texas summer).  Thank you so much!  Ryan can't wait until we can come back.  Ryan and Michelle C.
Our stay at the Barnhouse was spectacular.  We enjoyed every minute of it, even the dogs barking at the coyotes who weren't very far off.  Our honeymoon was made better by staying here.  The dogs are so much fun to be around and the wildlife was awesome.  We didn't go far until we saw moose, deer, bear, and a lot of chipmunks.  Beattie, thanks for all the advise on the hiking trails and lakes - it was beautiful scenery.  We loved staying inside and relaxing as well.  We definitely look forward to coming back ... soon!!  Thanks for everything.                A&J M.     P. S. The horseback riding was great. Thanks Mike.     
What a perfect honeymoon spot!  We had the best week hiking, fishing, riding, and relaxing!  The porch swing is the perfect place to read in the afternoon or evening with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine.  The hot tub makes the best bubbles and offers great views.  The Homestead is so comfy, clean and well designed.  It's great fun to take a walk and play with the dogs!  Beattie, you were the best host, lending us bug spray, maps, bikes and rods and teaching us how to fish!  Checking in on us and giving us local news and weather and best trails to hike.  Reynolds lake was gorgeous!  The horses were great and we'll always remember the rainbow, cut throat and brown trout we caught fly-fishing!  Thanks so much!  We'll miss you.  S&M a.  New York, NY
We had such a great honeymoon.  No one but us and nature.  We got all the adventures we asked and didn't ask for (like getting stuck in the snow heading to the hot springs), hiking on the trails, seeing lots of deer (even outside the window).  We spent our first Thanksgiving as husband and wife and the first one that Mom didn't make the turkey - ours turned out just as delicious!  The Barnhouse was everything we dreamed of and more. We are relaxed, happy and ready to start our life together.  We hate to leave, but are happy the memories of our little cabin in the meadow will last and last.  J & K S. from Germany and Chicago
Wow!  What a wonderful honeymoon spot!!  A great place to "hunker down".  God may have had a hand in the beautiful snow filled days that we Phoenicians yearn for, but it was the Barnhouse, Alta Meadow Ranch, Beattie & Deb, and Jake peakin' in the window that make this a place we will never forget.  Thank you for your ad in Modern Bride - without it we never would have known the true beauty and solace Montana can offer!  We will be back!!  We will tell all our friends and family what a heavenly place this is. Thanks for a wonderful honeymoon!  N & J R. Phoenix AZ
What a spectacular place this is!  Mark and I came here on our honeymoon for eight glorious days.  The hospitality was wonderful.  We love the spacious, yet cozy Stagecoach Inn.  Everything is top notch here, from the well appointed kitchen to the cozy duvet on the bed.  We couldn't have been more comfortable.  One day Beattie showed us how to fly fish.  We even caught three big rainbow trout!  Of all we saw and did it is hard to pick our favorite.  But if we had to, I would say our favorite part was the many hours we spent playing with Roxie, Jake and little Dusty.   The "pups" stayed with us almost 24 hours a day.  Whenever we went out they were there with a happy, waggy tail and lots of energy.  In sum, our honeymoon at Alta Meadow Ranch was perfect , awesome, and beyond our wildest hopes.  We will be back -- soon!!  W & M Z.  Bryan, Texas.  
Our stay here has been such a blessing!  This was our honeymoon, and we can't imagine having spent this time anywhere else.  After a busy year of planning a wedding, finishing college, and trying to carry on a long-distance engagement, a week together in the Bitterroot Wilderness was PERFECT!  Alta meadow is beautiful, and the Stagecoach Inn is charming.  We have loved it here.  We will be spending our life in Zambia, spreading the gospel of Jesus, but we will forever carry this little spot on God's earth close to our hearts.  THANK YOU!  (a special thanks to Beattie).    D&K R.   Michigan
What an incredible finish for us on our honeymoon!  After a few days in the Glacier National Park backcountry, we arrived late, still soaking wet, and with legs so achy we could barely walk.  The washer and dryer were a welcome commodity, and the hot tub a site for some messy folk.  Thanks to Beattie and family for making our stay so comfortable.  We wanted a place that was cool, quiet, remote, and beautiful.  We found just that in Alta Meadow, the Bitterroot Valley, and wonderful Montana.  Highlights for us were the view, wildflowers, horseback riding, fly fishing and all the local history, particularly Lewis and Clark and the flight of the Nez Perce.  Horse Creek Pass was (gulp) interesting - fellow flatlanders take heart!  Thanks again.  We'll be back.  R&M H. Lake Wales, FL  
Oh what a taste of heaven!  I've never stayed anywhere so beautifully decorated, relaxing, romantic!  Every possible need was provided.  We came for a romantic Valentine's getaway.  The first night I had planned a  candle light pasta dinner.  Only one problem; I forgot the pasta at home.  We called Beattie and up he drove with two different kinds!   Thank you!  You saved the evening.  We tried snowshoeing - something neither of us had ever tried before.  We saw a herd of elk and a baby moose.  We watched the Olympics on the big screen, enjoyed the fireplace and the jacuzzi tubWe are already planning when we can come back!  This surpassed our every dream.  Thank you.  R&K O. Helena MT
J&S B. on (belated) honeymoon from Madras, OR.  We easily got in 30 hrs of fishing over 4 days.  Kyle at Blackfoot Outfitters was a real charmer and a pleasure to fish with on the big Bitterroot.  We had just as much, if not more fun fishing the West Fork on the ranch - there are fish as large as on the big river in there!  We saw a bull and cow moose just a few miles up the Woods Creek Road and had a great time walking around with the dogs on the ranch and feeding them our barbeque.  Our suggestion for future guests: just plant yourselves here rather than try to see the whole valley.  
The two of us have only been married a week, and we had a wonderful beginning to our new lives together.  Not a day went by when we were not awestruck by the beautiful mountains, the glorious Milky Way, and magnificent wildlife.  There were excellent fish in the ponds, and fishing was even more enjoyable when Roxie would join us.  What was so memorable was the kind people at the ranch.  Beattie McGill and his family were always doing whatever they could to make sure we were the happiest guests. Thank you so much, and we'll be back as soon as possible.  By the way, the Homestead is awesome.  Try the hot tub.  T & M J.   Union Springs, AL


 Wow!  What a difference from the balmy 74 degrees in Vegas on our outdoor wedding Thanksgiving day.  What a perfect place to spend our honeymoon.  It was better than we could ever imagine.  Got to horseback ride and see how "real" horses do it.  Back home our horse Chance has to blanketed when it reaches 50!.  Took a drive into Hamilton yesterday and it was foggy and snowy and absolutely breathtaking!!  Oddly enough we had brought a Christmas CD  and "Breathe of Heaven" was playing.  A magical moment that will continue to be rewound in our memories.  May God bless all as he has us!!  D & C T.  Las Vegas, NV

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