The Homestead was just that - shelter for prospectors who homesteaded this land around 1905. The building has been moved several times, but in its original incarnation, it served a sizable family, with three children having been born there.  The restoration started from a bare log structure, with the addition of an internal 2x4 frame, much as in a standard "stick building".  Insulation was installed and covered first with rough cut lumber and later with pine paneling.  The multiple layers resulted in a very tight cabin - cool in the summer and warm in the winter.  Subsequently a carpenter/cabinet maker wintered in the cabin, painstakingly building the cabinets, unique counter tops and burl supports.  His challenge was to use the limited space as efficiently as possible, and it is quite clear that he was successful.  Recently the tub room with its cedar walls, large jetted tub, (and great view) was added.  A bird feeder can be seen from the bay window (below) and from the tub room.

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