Guest Comments

Having a river and mountains as the focus of life made our stay incredible.  The Bitterroot River gave up lots of fish and our hike up Deer Valley was very peaceful.  We will look forward to returning in the future.  John, Sharon & Abby F.  Prides Crossing , MA   P. S. Roxie and Jake are good company. 
Our second....but not our last...visit.  Chuck & Francis H.  Urbana IL
Our 7th year and we still enjoy it as much as the first!  Many thanks!  See you next year!  Erin, Brian, Kim & Dion C.  Southlake, Texas
Great job on the Stagecoach Inn restoration.  Fantastic facility and location.  Everything a person could want including the rent-a-dogs, for trail walks and fishing, at no additional cost!  We will be back again soon.  Thank you for your warm Montana hospitality.  This truly is paradise.  P. S.  Can't wait to come back!   Jim and Mari Lou M.  Hayden Lake, ID
What a wonderful and peaceful place.  We have thoroughly enjoyed the peaceful serenity of the ranch and the Stagecoach Inn, as well as the long hikes and runs through the best that nature has to offer.  The wildlife was beautiful and plentiful while the majestic peaks were awe inspiring.  Everyone should "float" the Salmon River with Rawhide Outfitters" as this was incredibly fun, and the scenery was magnificent, and the people were incredibly friendly.  The Stagecoach Inn was warm and beautifully restored and was the perfect place to celebrate our first year dating (anniversary).  We will miss Beattie, the perfect host, as well as Jake, who I wish I could fit into my luggage and smuggle home.  I close with two lessons:  #1 It is always steeper than it looks! and #2 There is always another peak (you can never reach the top).  We will miss this place and will return.  Steve G. and Patricia Q.  San Diego,  CA
Like the couple before our entry, we also met online.  Bryce is from Montana and I'm from California.  Soon after we first met we knew we were going to get married some day and began looking for "the place" to spend our honeymoon.  Well, almost 2 years later we made to the place we had both found and said that we would "someday spend our honeymoon at".  I have never been so pleased to find something that was actually better than the advertisement!  The Stagecoach Inn is beautiful and is all that we hoped for.  How many people get to see a moose lying in the middle of the road taking a nap?  We have decided we want to return each year to just to kick back and relax.  Thanks for a wonderful place to do just that Beattie.  Bryce and Shelli S.
We met online and started our relationship here.  What a wonderful place to discover each other.  Wonderful place to be and experience.  We were well taken care of by Beattie and his Stagecoach Inn!  Jake was the nicest dog and the wildlife was abundant and cooperative.  Thanks for everything.  Al C. & Patricia K. 
Again, such a peaceful and renewing stay - moose and starlit nights, and orbs and fine company.  What a magical world we live in, and how beautifully this place preserves it.  The Stagecoach Inn has housed me well.  Thank you, and blessings to each one.  Fondly, Robyn B.
I am certain I arrived in "Heaven" here at Alta Meadow.  What a beautiful place to be ... to live here year round would be ecstasy!  Within the first hour of arriving I observed a baby moose, 6 white tailed deer, 2 dogs (you know who they are), Mountain Blue Jays and was buzzed by a couple of humming birds.  If I was limited to one word to describe this place I would choose "Paradise".  The atmosphere here lends itself well to decompressing your spirit and rejuvenating your soul.  And speaking of souls ... the Stagecoach Inn has such a calming, comforting one.  Suggestions for improvement? NONE. You stumbled on to the perfect recipe for contentment here at Alta Meadow.  I hope to be back soon.  Warmly,  BJ D.   Great Falls, MT
This was our first time here and it was better than expected.  The Stagecoach Inn was the perfect place for our family.  This is an amazing place in the perfect setting.  Our daughter, age 13, caught her first fish in the river.  I fished every day and lost count - caught one that was 16 inches plus.  We went to the hot springs and it was a lot of fun.  We also drove up to the fire lookout and to Reynolds lake.  The hike up Chicken Creek is a great one for kids.  The moose didn't cooperate but we had a good time looking.  We are already talking about coming back.  We couldn't ask for a better vacation.  The hospitality was superb.  The dogs were great company.  Thanks, Beattie.  Greg, Martha, Hayden & Connor G.   Seattle, WA
Every year we visit we find the week goes faster and it's harder to leave.  This is our 6th summer visit with the entire "C. Clan" (12 total) staying in the Ranch House and one of the smaller cabins.  The Texas branch of the Clan have stayed in the Homestead, Barnhouse (4 years) and now the Stagecoach Inn.  Beattie has done a fantastic job on the Stagecoach Inn.  We remember the Inn as a small shell when it was moved to Alta Meadow.  The finished product is "outstanding" - by far our favorite.  (It also is the coolest cabin on the hot  July days!).  We enjoy Beattie's friendliness and quick response to any questions or concerns.  We look forward to walks and playtime with Roxie and being entertained by Jake and his antics!  The ponds on the property make fishing munch more "spur of the moment" and convenient to  walk down at any time.  See you next year!   Dion, Kim, Erin & Brian C.  Southlake, Texas
I am not sure how to begin to thank everyone for the vacation of a lifetime.  We have seen more deer, elk, moose and beautiful birds than in a lifetime in Washington.  We rode horses, (I haven't ridden a horse since I was 13!), visited dear friends in Hamilton, learned to fly fish (thank you Beattie), and caught our dinner one night.  The Stagecoach Inn is exquisite! The craftsmanship, care and attention to every detail did not go unnoticed.  It is a jewel.  I fell in love with my husband all over again, and truly found my "angle of repose".  May this slice of natural rugged beauty sustain me until my next visit...

Mike adds:  In "A River Runs Though It", Norman Maclean writes, when describing Western Montana rivers, that "The River was cut by the world's great flood and runs over rocks from the basement of time... under the rocks are the words and some of the words area theirs."  To this collection of words and memories we add "breathtaking", "silent", "cleansing", "romantic", and "purposeful".  We have had a wonderful time in the Bitterroot Mountains and especially in the West fork Country where Alta Meadow Ranch is located.  Thank you Beattie, Debbie, and Carrie for a truly great vacation.  I caught 40 fish over the past few days.   Mike and Kim H.  Seattle, WA

Enjoyed the stunning mountain scenery, fished and ate dinner on our catch, went running in the evening and shared the road with deer, star-gazed, hiked, swam in the hot springs, made the acquaintance of Jake and Roxie.  Came here for some R & R and got one more R - Alta Meadow restores the spirits.  Back to the bayous.  P. S. Say a moose also.   Gary S. & Marcia F.  New Orleans, LA
We were amazed by the luxury of the cabin.  First night we tried out the Jacuzzi tub after catching a few cutthroat , couldn't get the browns to bite.  Second night and day went to Darby and Hamilton and did a little shopping - went fishing on the way home.  Third day went horse back riding and it was great fun.  Saw lots of deer and a moose at sunset (in the meadow).  Today we pack up and leave with hopes of sometime making it back to  our honeymoon locale.  Matt & Megan S.  Suffolk, VA
Thanks for the wonderful, relaxing vacation here in the Bitterroots!  We loved the cabin, dogs, horses, hiking, scenery, and Montana  hospitality.  Quickly we discovered that a mile hiked in Ohio is not equivalent to a mile hiked in Montana!  We couldn't make it all the way to Boulder Creek Falls, but the strenuous trek to Baker, Middle, and all the way to Gem Lake were definitely worth the pain!  We'd highly recommend it!  While we didn't see any bears, moose , or elk this time, we did see a lot of great birds.  Thanks for everything... we are definitely relaxed and refreshed!  Matt & Jamie H.  Medina, Ohio
We experienced a little bit of everything - rafting, hiking and biking.  It was all enjoyable in a beautiful setting.  We hope to return someday to try fishing and horseback riding.  We ran out of time on this trip.   Borgan, Kathy, Jake & Karl A.  Bainbridge Is. WA 
We enjoyed wonderful cool, clear mountain weather and spectacular dark skies at night.  The Milky Way was vivid and occasional incandescent meteors flashed across the sky.  We saw a young moose in the pond by the Ranch House on several occasions as well as a variety of other wildlife.  This is a wonderful area for hiking and other outdoor activities and we plan to come back soon.  Many thanks to Beattie for his warm hospitality and good advice.   John, Dana & Sara S.  Valley Forge, PA
This week was fabulous!  We saw a variety of wildlife - deer, elk, beaver, gopher and more!  We fished every day and two of the days we caught 40 to 50 fish each day.  The cabin was delightful -- all the conveniences of home and more.  The Montana night skies are clear and beautiful - saw several shooting stars.  After long days of rafting, fishing, hiking and horseback riding, the Jacuzzi was very  much needed.  We hope to return soon.  David and Joanie C.  Charleston WV     P. S. The carpentry in this cabin is phenomenal and the mountain beauty is breathtaking. 
The Homestead is perfect!  We had a great time - lots of wildlife, whitewater rafting, horseback riding.  Coming from flatland, we did pretty well walking up and down!  Thanks Beattie.  Dan & Tracy R.   Naples, Florida
One of our favorite places on earth is Montana, and Alta Meadow Ranch is a wonderful place to experience the beauty, peace and solitude we came here to find.  Thanks Beattie, for your wonderful recommendations for hiking.  Two of the trails we've taken are Reynolds Lake and Boulder Creek Falls -- a bit challenging for (us) novice hikers, but well worth the effort.  We have enjoyed our morning and afternoon visits from Roxie and Jake.  We plan to return and enjoy more of the same -- peace, solitude, and hiking.  Larry & Jayne H.   Plymouth, MI
We came to see a big horn sheep, a moose and perhaps a bear, and although we saw most, we also came away with a great sense of peace and tranquility from this marvelous setting.  Thank you for the consideration you show to your guests and for the sterling accommodations put together with such intelligence.  Also thank you for the great horse ride.  This having been our first visit to Montana will most certainly not be our last!  P. S. Roxie and Jake will always be remembered in our hearts.  Kleinjan, Odile, Serge & Liam du P. 
If a good way to measure the value of a vacation is to see how difficult it is to leave, then know that we leave the Barnhouse with great reluctance.  Here we experienced solitude and togetherness, serenity yet excitement, physical activity mixed with total relaxation.  The Barnhouse itself, it decor and provisions, Beattie's helpfulness and a setting to beat all make it hard to depart without regret.  But ... we'll be back because ... there are more trails that need hiking, wildlife that needs viewing and books than need reading on decks with divine views.  Judy and Richard J.  Golita, CA        
Our 7th visit to Alto Meadow, our second stay at the Barnhouse.  Mule deer, Whitetails with fauns, mink, turkeys, osprey, Harriers.  Fished the river on the ranch and the North Fork.  Some nice fish.  Hiked, bicycled.  Another wonderful time.  Nancy and Ted S. NY
We had a simply wonderful time!  Homestead has everything - from pots & pans to soaking tub to make life easy, relaxing and happy!  Jake is a super tour director - a loving, gentle, fun companion.  Hope we can come back next year for Super Bowl weekend and bring our best pals with us and have them enjoy this lovely place.  L & M H.  Superior, MT
Top notch accommodations!  Beattie is a warm, friendly , welcoming host.  The Homestead was perfectly designed and beautifully decorated including everything you would need.  We used the grill for breakfast and dinner and the Jacuzzi morning and night!  We had plenty of room along with being warm and cozy.  We will be back for more horseback riding and fly fishing.   Thanks Beattie for all the information.  A & D  E. Beaufort, SC
Absolutely marvelous winter retreat.  God's country - nothing like it - eat your hearts out.  This is real country living.  The time we spent was worth more than words can describe - enjoying  beautiful nature, snowshoeing, pinochle, cribbage, camaraderie with friends, war stories and fairy tales.  It just doesn't get any better than this.  We will return next year to pursue the festivities and the joy of sharing with all our friends.  Best wishes and thanks to the McGills for providing the opportunity to consume this winter wonderland!  

Have to ditto all the above!  What a way to bring in the New Year with dear friends!  Our stay has been heavenly and I'm just not ready to leave!  We'll be back again for sure!  Thanks Beattie & Deb.  It was great.  J & P K. Victor MT,  B & N B. Hamilton MT

Christmas at Alta Meadow was beautiful - a little snow everyday - about a foot on the ground.  We would have loved a blizzard but no such luck.  Thanks to the crew - Beattie specially - enjoyed it all - sorry about all the wrappings, but luckily leaving with a lighter load than coming.  A, D, R, & R, M. Hamilton MT,  C S. Hamilton, Bermuda,  S, J, & A, F. Portland OR,  J & M K. Portland OR.
Wow!  Probably could have stayed forever.  Easily the best time we've had in a long time.  Fishing was great, weather was awesome and the ranch was perfect.  Would love to come back to ski in winter.  You have a great thing going here.  Thanks so much for having us here.  Say goodbye to the dogs!  Until next time ... Happy Trails.  The Kellys, San Diego CA, St. Paul MN,  Waukesha WI, Madison WI, Chicago IL
What is it - our sixth year?  It just gets better.  The Clancy family, Cupertino CA, Spokane, WA, Boston, MA, San Diego, CA
The Ranch House is beautiful and the surroundings heavenly - exactly what we were looking for.  And we loved the added bonus of having Jake and Roxie around - they're such beautiful and well behaved dogs (not to mention BIG!).  The fishing was wonderful and especially pretty on the stretch of river just south of the Barnhouse and Stagecoach Inn.  We saw an enormous female moose there (as well as a couple right in the pond behind the house here).  Thanks for all your hospitality , Beattie.  See you soon. L V. & D B. Austin, Texas
Wow!! Coming from the Midwest, it doesn't seem to matter how many times we visit the mountains they are awe-inspiring!  Fantastic fishing, day trips to; Shoup, the Hot Springs. Painted Rocks Lake, a gold mine, hiking & horseback riding, biking.  Lots of laughs and great times with family!  Karl even panned for gold.  What a beautiful place.   R, J & S B. , G, A & K U.   Wisconsin & Minnesota, USA  
The Homestead was great.  The beautiful vistas surrounding the meadow were amazing.  Looking for a nice hike, Hill Top Overlook is a nice half day walk with a wonderful pay-off at the top.  Or if you want a strenuous full day hike try Trappers Peak.  It is about 20 miles back towards Darby.  When you reach the summit or 10,157 ft. you will be amazed at the views you have stretching hundreds of miles.  After that you can drive over to the hot springs for a soak.  Beattie, you were a great host and friend.  And if you like to fish, the creeks around here are full of trout.  Have a great time, we sure did.  L&J&E H.  Atlanta, GA
We spent a wonderful week here!  The Homestead (and entire AMR) was far better than we ever expected for a "cabin on the ranch".  Everything was well thought out for the guests - the kitchen, hot tub, bedroom and best of all -  Beattie was a great host.    T&A R. San Antonio TX
Beattie, I'm so glad you finally got me to come to this most beautiful spot.  We had a wonderful mini-vacation.  Can't wait to tell everyone back at the office about it.  Thanks!  You certainly live in Paradise!  S&R&S R.  Missoula, MT
We thoroughly enjoyed or stay in the Homestead.  All of the comforts of home, away from home.  The most beautiful blue sky which at night fills with a million stars.  We had a great time fishing, relaxing, and seeing the animals in their natural habitat.  Beattie is the most accommodating host and is blessed with the wisdom of nature's ways from his love and years spent protecting it.  Our trip to the hot springs was wonderful  We will leave here with a lifetime of memories of the fun we had.   D&C W   Auburn WA
A trip of a lifetime: a 20 year old novice fisherman granddaughter gives this 78 year old grandfather a week of her life!!  Besides being together, we made this trip to enjoy fly fishing on Rock Creek, the Blackfoot, Clark's Fork and, of course, the Bitterroot River.  We filled all of those squares and fished and fished, and caught fish and even ate fish.  We saw lots of smoke from the forest fires, but that had no adverse impact on our fishing, traveling through the magnificent mountains, their waters  and their forests.  Really appreciated the Homestead and its amenities.  A highlight of my life.  Saw a pair of Bald Eagles.  The old man perched on the top of a dead tree while his lady went shopping for something to eat.  D R.  San Antonio, TX and S C. Rochester Hills, MI
Two people looking for Mountains and Stars and finding both.  I soaked in the tub three times in three days.  What a view, everyone should try it.  Lookout Mountain was a real adventure.  I have been married for 25 years but in this place I felt like I was on my honeymoon.  Thank you.   M&E S.
What a perfect honeymoon spot!  We had the best week hiking, fishing, riding, and relaxing!  The porch swing is the perfect place to read in the afternoon or evening with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine.  The hot tub makes the best bubbles and offers great views.  The Homestead is so comfy, clean and well designed.  It's great fun to take a walk and play with the dogs!  Beattie, you were the best host, lending us bug spray, maps, bikes and rods and teaching us how to fish!  Checking in on us and giving us local news and weather and best trails to hike.  Reynolds lake was gorgeous!  The horses were great and we'll always remember the rainbow, cut throat and brown trout we caught fly-fishing!  Thanks so much!  We'll miss you.  S&M M.  New York, NY
Great fishing in wonderful country!  Enjoyed meeting the people and seeing the sights.  The Cranneys (Rawhide Outfitters) took us for an excellent rafting trip and great lunch on the Salmon and made us feel just like family!  Rest of the days were whiled away watching clouds, reading books, and wondering how Montanans get any rest with the sunup at 5 and down and 10!  Long relaxing days for us though!  D&C S. J&D S.   Mansfield TX                                               
Our third time - and a haiku to Alta Meadow  




                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          R&K W.  Mill Valley, CA

We had a great 3 days here at the ranch.  "In een woord geweldig" - "groeten en dank je wel" Beattie.  J S. & M B.  Renswoude, Netherlands
A perfectly relaxing vacation.  The views are spectacular.  Hot tub is perfect after a long 6 hour horseback ride to the top of Thunder Mountain!  For future visitors, Roxie doesn't like peanut butter sandwiches ... she took them and buried them! ha!  We hope to come back with our future children, it makes for a wonder family vacation!  Thanks Beattie.  T&A S.  Madison, WI
Our stay at the Barnhouse was spectacular.  We enjoyed every minute of it, even the dogs barking at the coyotes who weren't very far off.  Our honeymoon was made better by staying here.  The dogs are so much fun to be around and the wildlife was awesome.  We didn't go far until we saw moose, deer, bear, and a lot of chipmunks.  Beattie, thanks for all the advise on the hiking trails and lakes - it was beautiful scenery.  We loved staying inside and relaxing as well.  We definitely look forward to coming back ... soon!!  Thanks for everything.                A&J M.  Chambeesburg, PA    P. S. The horseback riding was great. Thanks Mike.     
We had a wonderful time in an unparalleled place.  Beautiful weather - exciting rodeo - invigorating hikes and trail runs - spectacular rafting on the Salmon - fantastic all day trail ride courtesy of cowboy Mike.  We look forward to returning.  Most wonderful - the wildlife:  moose, deer, bighorn sheep, pine marten, owls, kestrels, grouse, red-tailed hawk ...  on and on.  Thank you Beattie for being such a gracious, accommodating host.  R&K B.  Norway, Maine
We enjoyed a spectacular nine days in Alta Meadow.  The Barnhouse was fabulous and Beattie was the perfect host.  From fishing in the Bitterroot and ponds to riding horses with cowboy Mike, hiking Trapper Peak, walking with Roxie and Jake, listening to the hummingbirds to watching the stars -- this trip was one for the books.  When we didn't grill, we dined at the Rocky Knob and other good places thanks to Beattie's recommendations.  Thanks again for everything.  We'll be back.  E&M H.  NY, NY   P.S. Sightings: 2 moose, 10 elk, countless deer, blue and golden grouse.
We enjoyed a lovely 3 day stay in Paradise.  Day 1- hike up to Boulder falls - spectacular view, bracing "swim" in the river.  Day 2 - horseback riding for 2 hours in the morning (jokes by cowboy Mike); my daughter now wants to marry a cowboy!  Nice hike to Baker Lake; storm, lightening, thunder.  Close to God.  Day 3 - early start for Shoup so we can raft the Salmon River.  Beattie, thank you for your kindness.         B,M,K,L&C W.  Seattle WA        
Our 6th visit to Alta Meadow but our first to the Barnhouse.  Great fishing again and we saw deer, mountain sheep, pelican, coyote, weasel, eagle, and giant Salmon in the Selway River.  Thank you for another beautiful week in Montana.  T&N S. New York, NY
We did mostly nothing or a little of something slowly and completely, but more than anything we explored and redefined our relationship with alacrity.   Alta Meadow was perfect for all of this.  Bear sighting!  Moose drinking!  Deer stopping by to say hello -- those titanic territorial wars at the hummingbird feeder .... and the sweetness of doing nothing!  Beattie - THANK YOU  for the view from the top of the world. We close our eyes and see all that majestic beauty around us. We're grateful to you for this incomparable memory! K&J A. Vacaville CA  
Dear Beattie and Deb,  Thank you so much for our wonderful stay at Alta Meadow Ranch!  We all had such a great time.  The overwhelming biggest hit with both the adults and kids was the catch & release program that your ponds provided!  It could have been the elk herd or the coyote we saw catch his prey - but a good time is a good time -  so we will all take it and have fond memories of the ranch!  The Ns. , M, N, M, J & J.  Seattle, WA
Beattie,  Thanks again for a wonderful time.  This was our 4th visit and we'll be back next year too.  Take care and we'll see you soon.  To the owner -- Please don't advertise.  B & C  
Happy New Year!  Beautiful scenery and lovely cabin.  Beattie you do a great job.  Had a wonderful and relaxing four days and have fallen in love with Montana!  We will definitely come back one day!  L, K & N K.  Rawlins, WY 
Christmas 2002 - The D.s from Belgrade, MT joined all the K. clan for 5 great days at Alta Meadow - 17 of us in all.  Had a wonderful time!  Hope to return.
Well Beattie, thank you for making my weather wish true!  Snow days and 45 degree clear skies, couldn't ask for better.  Wolf tracks  up Chicken Creek - no wonder we didn't see any chickens.  Coyote prowling the porch, making soft "ghost" sounds. It's all good.  Thank you Deb & Beattie for your hard work at making this a great place.  D & R
We had such a great honeymoon.  No one but us and nature.  We got all the adventures we asked and didn't ask for (like getting stuck in the snow heading to the hot springs), hiking on the trails, seeing lots of deer (even outside the window).  We spent our first Thanksgiving as husband and wife and the first one that Mom didn't make the turkey - ours turned out just as delicious!  The Barnhouse was everything we dreamed of and more. We are relaxed, happy and ready to start our life together.  We hate to leave, but are happy the memories of our little cabin in the meadow will last and last.  J & K S. from Germany and Chicago
Wow!  What a wonderful honeymoon spot!!  A great place to "hunker down".  God may have had a hand in the beautiful snow filled days that we Phoenicians yearn for, but it was the Barnhouse, Alta Meadow Ranch, Beattie & Deb, and Jake peakin' in the window that make this a place we will never forget.  Thank you for your ad in Modern Bride - without it we never would gave known the true beauty and solace Montana can offer!  We will be back!! j We will tell all our friends and family what a heavenly place this is. Thanks for a wonderful honeymoon!  N & J R. Phoenix AZ
A beautiful, relaxing weekend for the Elk opener.  Although late in the season, the trout fishing was very good.  The scenery is spectacular.   Will definitely look forward to coming back next summer.  Thanks Beattie and Deb.  M, N, S, & O C.  Missoula, MT
The location is great, the cabin is beautiful and the staff ( from Beattie to Jake) are terrific.  What a fun and relaxing time.  Thanks for everything!  S & K T.  Missoula, MT
We absolutely "Love" it here.  It's got to be one of the most beautiful places on earth... untouched wilderness... millions of acres of it!  We feel fortunate to have been able to experience living in the heart of it for a week.  We are all cranky this morning having to leave.  Beattie made it even better with his sincere hospitality.  His fly fishing lessons were great, both Jim and I feel we got the hang of it and were thrilled to actually go fly fishing.  Melanie was so excited to feed the trout.  We also enjoyed the natural hot springs, horseback riding to the top of Thunder Mountain, searching for sapphires at Gem Mountain, and actually seeing a bull moose at Mud Lake.  We want to stay here forever and would move if it wasn't for family back east.  Thank you Beattie!  Melanie loves the dogs!  K, J & M M. Allentown, NJ
 Wow!  What a difference from the balmy 74 degrees in Vegas on our outdoor wedding, Thanksgiving day.  What a perfect place to spend our honeymoon.  It was better than we could ever imagine.  Got to horseback ride and see how "real" horses do it.  Back home our horse Chance has to blanketed when it reaches 50!.  Took a drive into Hamilton yesterday and it was foggy and snowy and absolutely breathtaking!!  Oddly enough we had brought a Christmas CD  and "Breathe of Heaven" was playing.  A magical moment that will continue to be rewound in our memories.  May God bless all as he has us!!  D & C T.  Las Vegas, NV
What a spectacular place this is!  Mark and I came here on our honeymoon for eight glorious days.  The hospitality was wonderful.  We love the spacious, yet cozy Stagecoach Inn.  Everything is top notch here, from the well appointed kitchen to the cozy duvet on the bed.  We couldn't have been more comfortable.  One day Beattie showed us how to fly fish.  We even caught three big rainbow trout!  Of all we saw and did it is hard to pick our favorite.  But if we had to, I would say our favorite part was the many hours we spent playing with Roxie, Jake and little Dusty.   The "pups" stayed with us almost 24 hours a day.  Whenever we went out they were there with a happy, waggy tail and lots of energy.  In sum, our honeymoon at Alta Meadow Ranch was perfect , awesome, and beyond our wildest hopes.  We will be back -- soon!!  W & M Z.  Bryan, Texas.  
We have stayed in many B & Bs and cabins, but this has been the loveliest.  Everything we needed was here.  Beattie & Deb went far beyond the call of duty attending to our needs.  Thanks so much.  Your mountains are glorious, your wild life engaging and your stars beyond belief  What a way to spend a week!  B & S C.  Metropolis, IL
What a beautiful place!  The cabin was wonderful and we enjoyed looking at the Elk up on the ridge each morning.  Great Skiing at lost Trail too.  A great get-away.  Thanks!  L & B N.  Perry, FL
Happy New Year!  What a great way to ring in a new year...  Skiing at Lost Trail, snowmobiling in the mountains and to the Hot Springs, watching God's beautiful creatures in their habitat... the elk, big horn sheep, learning the "tracks"... mountain lion, coyote, elk, etc.  We are restored until the next get-away!  I'm glad my brother moved out here from Florida.  Thank you Beattie! L & F G. Perry, FL
J&S B. on honeymoon from Madras, OR.  We easily got in 30 hrs of fishing over 4 days.  Kyle at Blackfoot Outfitters was a real charmer and a pleasure to fish with on the big Bitterroot.  We had just as much, if not more fun fishing the West Fork on the ranch - there are fish as large as on the big river in there!  We saw a bull and cow moose just a few miles up the Woods Creek Road and had a great time walking around with the dogs on the ranch and feeding them our barbeque.  Our suggestion for future guests: just plant yourselves here rather than try to see the whole valley.  
After a week of hiking in Glacier National Park, our 5 night respite in the Stagecoach Inn was the perfect close to our back-to-nature vacation.  Walking through the meadow and along the road and picking raspberries, enjoying a hot cup of tea while sitting the bridge and listening to the water, and tracking down the one-antlered moose each evening provided a quiet and reflective way to enjoy each day.  Our one day rafting trip with Rawhide Outfitters in Idaho is highly recommended (great home-cooked food and personable guides!).  Beattie and family - we sincerely thank you for sharing your slice of heaven on earth with us.  The Stagecoach Inn is by far the best equipped lodging in which we've stayed.  You've thought of everything plus some!  We'll have fond memories of our 19th wedding anniversary.  D&M   Friendswood, TX
We have had a wonderful four days!  Just wanted to stay longer!  Hopefully will be back again some day. The  Stagecoach Inn is wonderful - you thought of everything anyone could want and the decor is perfect.  Your were  so helpful in attending to our every need - thanks so much!!  God bless your family.  M,M,R&D R.    Texas
Jeff caught a 24" and a 20" rainbow trout and Russ caught 17", 19", 21" and 25" rainbows.  And they say size doesn't matter!  Discovered that Jeff is actually part goat when he showed us the way to the top of Castle Rock.  Russ needed therapy after driving to the fire tower.  Traci and Laura needed therapy after spending 4 days with Jeff & Russ.  Thanks Beattie.  We had a blast and loved your place.  The Hs, Ns, & Bs Lowell, AR
I lived with my family in Hamilton, Montana for 12 years long ago.  I found Alta Meadow a wonderful get-away from the demands of my world of work.  The air, the storms, the sun, the birds, the moose and deer, AND THE McGILLS.   Was it a problem when the entire valley lost electricity?  No! Beattie and Deb turned on the generator and there was light.  Was it a problem when our gas tank registered close to all-gone?  Not at all!  Beattie and Deb arrived out of nowhere and the fuel gage showed "full".  At 77 years of age, I didn't think I needed parent protectors any more.  But I am so grateful to have had the McGill's thoughtful care.  And the Stagecoach Inn was a delightful warm home. M. H. Seattle, WA         This place has a deep soul fullness.  I hear the footsteps of generations past and am glad to add mine here as well.  Thanks for helping to guide us to the perfect getaway, Beattie.  G. H.  Seattle, WA
Our stay here has been such a blessing!  This was our honeymoon, and we can't imagine having spent this time anywhere else.  After a busy year of planning a wedding, finishing college, and trying to carry on a long-distance engagement, a week together in the Bitterroot Wilderness was PERFECT!  Alta meadow is beautiful, and the Stagecoach Inn is charming.  We have loved it here.  We will be spending our life in Zambia, spreading the gospel of Jesus, but we will forever carry this little spot on God's earth close to our hearts.  THANK YOU!  (a special thanks to Beattie).            D&K R.   Michigan
We recognize that our greatest joys are made up of sensing life's simple pleasures.  Some that stand out this week have been: watching a moose duck under water to feed, smelling the fresh air that so often reminds us of Christmas, feeling the warmth of dry socks and the loft after slipping into the creek, hearing the crack of dried timber as deer and moose crash though the underbrush, watching low white clouds rise only to be pushed back down by their grayer, nearer kin, and seeing a quizzical bear sprint for cover after looking us over.  We're looking forward to our next visit and probably a new set of simple pleasures.  L&L M.  Scottsdale, AZ 
This was our first trip to Montana and we have had a wonderful time!  The weather has been outstanding, much more pleasant than the 100 plus in Texas this time of year.  We saw numerous wildlife including: moose (and calf), big horn sheep, mule deer, whitetail deer, grouse, chukar, beaver, osprey & others.  Ann caught a 17 inch rainbow in the Bitterroot River and learned how to fly fish.  Our guided trip with Blackfoot Outfitters was excellent.  We rafted the Salmon River in Idaho - it was a blast!  We hiked up to Reynolds Lake - the drive there and the whole experience will always be remembered.  This is a wonderful place.  We'll be back!  One more thing - the Homestead was cozy and comfortable.   A&T Y.  Austin, TX
What a fantastic place!  The trout fishing was GREAT, scenery fabulous along with all the wildlife, especially the moose.  Hope to be back next year with our entire family.  Many thanks to the McGills for an unforgettable vacation.  J,R,&S  B. Wisconsin Rapids, WI & Kenyon, MN
Once again we had an outstanding visit to the ever changing but always beautiful Alta Meadow Ranch.  We enjoyed the great fishing, hiking and bicycle riding.  We will never forget the Montana sunshine, rainstorm, eagles , mule deer, and grouse.  We had an interesting visit to the Big Hole Battlefield and the exciting Selway River.  Thank you to the McGill Family (and Jake and Roxy) for your great hospitality.  N&T S. Lysander, NY
What an incredible finish for us on our honeymoon!  After a few days in the Glacier National Park backcountry, we arrived late, still soaking wet, and with legs so achy we could barely walk.  The washer and dryer were a welcome commodity, and the hot tub a site for some messy folk.  Thanks to Beattie and family for making our stay so comfortable.  We wanted a place that was cool, quiet, remote, and beautiful.  We found just that in Alta Meadow, the Bitterroot Valley, and wonderful Montana.  Highlights for us were the view, wildflowers, horseback riding, fly fishing and all the local history, particularly Lewis and Clark and the flight of the Nez Perce.  Horse Creek Pass was (gulp) interesting - fellow flatlanders take heart!  Thanks again.  We'll be back.  R&M H. Lake Wales, FL  
Alta Meadow and the Homestead were a perfect start to our Montana adventure - spent our days hiking and a day browsing in Hamilton.  Thanks to Beattie for his trail tips and warm hospitality.  Love the tub, swallows, wild flowers, pines of every variety, azure sky and Big Dipper from the bedroom window.  Can't forget all the deer and our evening visits with three horses behind the barn - we call them Paint, Buck and Strawberry.  We will return.  A&J R.   Santa Barbara, CA
Sun - fun -snakes - cow and calf moose - fish, fish and more fish (including 25 inch whopper from pond) - birds - butterflies - Lookout Mountain - the bench - bones - the tub -Yahtzee - Dylan casting and catching - flowers - barbeque - beautiful Homestead - great hosts - looking forward to our return!  R, B, D, & B  Colorado Springs, CO 
Sitting in the tub watching it snow on June 8th, 02.  Sunday morning everything is covered in snow and it's June - life must not get any better.  The weather turned warm on the 12th and we went horseback riding - went to the Big Hole Battlefield, ate lunch in Wisdom - not a lot to see but a great restaurant.  Friday the temps are in the 80s, went rafting on the Salmon River.  We have had a great week - snow to the warm 80s.  Time to get ready to go home - will miss the ranch and Montana.  K&T B. Atlanta, GA
We can't begin to tell you how great this place and the service was.  We didn't expect the Barnhouse to be so awesome.  We saw deer, went riding and fly fishing and everyone in Montana is so nice - well, everyone we ran into.  We really feel our friends back home would love this place, and hopefully in the next year or so we can come back and stay at the Ranch House with a few other couples.  Thank you so much for all your help and hospitality.  N&T L. Bay City, MI 
Was looking for a great Montana getaway and I certainly found it!   The Barnhouse is amazing!  Hard to believe there are facilities this nice in such a remote amazing place.  The wildlife was incredible as well, from the moose ad deer and all the rest - they just added to a perfect setting - the perfect place to get away from it all!  Will certainly be back - hopefully many times!  Thanks again.  C. T.  Tallahassee, FL 
The big sky country - nothing like it in the world.  Fishing was super, nature excellent, even the bats were a treat.  Beattie was a host without parallel, gave his time generously, gave excellent information - mostly made us feel at home, safe and great about being here at Alta Meadow.  The whole experience is a "keeper".  H&P D. 
The first morning we awoke to big blue skies and 70 temps, but that was quickly to change ... morning # 2 we awoke to a a meadow dusted in a couple inches of snow and 40 temps to go along with it.  It was beautiful and unexpected, although everyone local seemed it was protocol for June.  But nevertheless, Tuesday we awoke to 70 and we were off to exploring, horseback riding, fly fishing on the Bitterroot (lots of trout!!), whitewater rafting and plenty of hiking.  We ended our fabulous honeymoon with a scrumptious barbeque and a great bottle of wine overlooking a meadow we will surely miss and definitely return to ... very soon.    P. S. And thanks to our gracious hosts and all the wonderful guides  you recommended.   J&M  O.   Mill Valley, CA
As we prepare to leave, I sit here watching an elk herd graze on the slope just above the tops of the pines.  They seem as content as we feel!!  Great place to relax and enjoy what nature produced for our observation.  We are very impressed with the Stagecoach Inn; what a great blend of imagination and creativity to preserve history yet make it so fully functional for all of us modern day pioneers desiring to rough it (Did Lewis & Clark have a dishwasher?).  Reading the materials you have supplied, this place is steeped in history.  And speaking of history, I wish to reiterate the famous Second World War refrain - "We shall return!!"  R&P R. Sylvania, Ohio
Oh what a taste of heaven!  I've never stayed anywhere so beautifully decorated, relaxing, romantic!  Every possible need was provided.  We came for a romantic Valentine's getaway.  The first night I had planned a  candle light pasta dinner.  Only one problem; I forgot the pasta at home.  We called Beattie and up he drove with two different kinds!   Thank you!  You saved the evening.  We tried snowshoeing - something neither of us had ever tried before.  We saw a herd of elk and a baby moose.  We watched the Olympics on the big screen, enjoyed the fireplace and the jacuzzi tubWe are already planning when we can come back!  This surpassed our every dream.  Thank you.  R&K O. Helena MT
We are from the Deep South and had never seen winter, so we came out here to see it.  And we did.  The front porch thermometer has hovered about zero.  It has snowed like hell.  And we've had a great time.  We learned to snowshoe and even climbed the mountain out backWe've watched the elk feed on the mountain.  We've seen two cow-calf moose pairs, one of which wandered right by the cabin.  The Barnhouse is great, and I hope we'll be back to see winter again. V&T C.  Columbus, GA

I just wanted to thank you for the most marvelous and relaxing vacation!  My daughter and I thoroughly enjoyed our (albeit short) time at your ranch.  The weather was picture perfect and we were able to enjoy the abundant wildlife as we hiked, had a marvelous guide on our horseback rides in the hills and valleys and enjoyed a full day floating down the river as we attempted to learn to fly-fish.  Sean was so patient with us!  He is to be commended.

Thank you Beattie for your personal attention to our needs and for making us feel at home.  Even though we were two women alone, I never felt unsafe.  In fact quite the opposite was true.  We were sad to leave and hope to come back next year.  I will recommend your ranch to everyone and anyone who wishes to experience a guest ranch.  The facilities were top-notch (and I can be very picky) and very comfortable.  The views alone from the Ranch House were worth the price.  Don't change a thing - we will be back!  V&B T. San Francisco, CA.

P.S. everyone will remember where they were when our nation was attacked by the terrorists.  We were sleeping soundly  in our beds at Alta Meadow Ranch and were awakened by a phone call from a friend with the shocking news.  After a few hours of viewing the horror on TV it was nice to be able to clear our minds with a nice horseback ride into the forest.  We drank in the clean air and reminded ourselves how lucky we are to live in such a glorious country.  It did our hearts good.  And even though we had to drive back to California because our flight was cancelled, it did nothing to change our attitude about our relaxing vacation.  We wouldn't hesitate to drive there next time as the scenery was lovely.

We stayed at Alta Meadow for two weeks in late August-early September.  It was perhaps the most satisfying vacation we've ever had.  Part of that was due to our own decision to find a good place to rest and write.  But the rest was due to the extraordinary place you have created and to your good fortune in finding Beattie McGill to run it.  We read about Alta Meadow when a satisfied guest wrote a letter to the San Francisco Chronicle.  The moose intrigued us .  Some months later, when we scuttled the idea of a European vacation in order to have introverted time, we remembered the letter, and began to be in touch with Beattie, who is such a genuine man and a steward of nature.  From the beginning he was warm and gracious, patiently answering our many questions, and assuring us that this indeed was not a dude ranch, but seemed to be what we were looking for, a comfortable, quiet retreat, close to nature.  We arrived, hoping that it would be at least half as good as we'd built it up to be, and found it surpassed our highest expectations.  The Homestead "cabin" was entirely adequate for the two of us.  And the meadow... ah, the meadow.  Beattie can tell you we spent hours just gazing at it.  We'd been concerned not to have an ocean or lake, but found we didn't need one.  The meadow with the surrounding mountains was like an inner, still, peaceful container.  The moose had attracted us, and we loved seeing them, but it's the meadow which lives on inside us as a still, quiet place.  Although we could have been more active, it was enough to walk daily and just be there.  When Beattie took us up to the local fire tower, we could literally see the green gem that is Alta Meadow.  In this terrible week of atrocity in our nation, we have found that we've been strengthened and better prepared to cope because of our experience at Alta Meadow.  One of the things that could help us all is to have more retreats like Alta Meadow - small, out-of-the way places to "be", and to reflect.  We thank you and we encourage you to continue Alta Meadow as a retreat for those of us who need and value such an opportunity.  More and more people are going to find it increasingly necessary to have Alta Meadow and places like it.  R & K  W.    Mill Valley, CA.

Thank you so much for you hospitality during our stay at Alta Meadow, we  certainly were not disappointed!  Beattie, you were a wonderful host, we could not have any better tour guide, most of all for your patience with my daughter's chattering and wild fishing techniques.  The cabin was perfect, even down to the bird feeder in the side yard, from which a white tail doe stole the bird seed every night.  That was pretty cool to watch from the window.  We will never forget the moose sightings!  The scenery is unbelievable, the sunsets with the rainbows were breathtaking and every night seemed to outdo the previous one.  I always thought the Smokies were pretty, but Alta Meadow is beyond comparison.  The majestic peacefulness is something that no amount of money can buy, and you and your family are so blessed to be able to witness it every day.  Kentucky has its own beauty, but if given the opportunity, I would move to Montana in a heartbeat.  Once again, thank you for sharing part of your heaven with us.  It was a trip we will always remember and one we plan to repeat every year, God willing.  Peggy and Kayla H. and Lois T.

Dear Beattie, 

It's been a few weeks since my husband and I stayed at Alta Meadow, but the great memories are still fresh!  I've never gotten teary-eyed when leaving a vacation accommodation, but that's just what I was as we drove away from the Homestead.  We were both sad to leave what we think is one of the most beautiful and peaceful places we've ever been.  We won't forget the views from our immaculately clean, well-stocked cabin: the long hikes with our adopted dog for the week, Roxie: the terrific hospitality we received from you: the excellent fly-fishing just minutes away from our cabin: and a landscape that no one should go without experiencing.  It was as perfect as vacations get.  We can't wait to come back.  L. S.  Southlake, Texas

Our fourth summer here, it's so gorgeous - great fishing too! K,D,E,&B C. Cupertino, CA

         I am sending this note of gratitude for the wonderful vacation that we enjoyed at Alta Meadow Ranch.   My wife, Patricia, and 3 of our 4 children spent a week in the Ranch House.  Not only did we have perfect weather, but we had perfect accommodations.  You are to be congratulated on your choice of the magnificent setting and the comfort and taste that characterizes every aspect of the house and property.  I also want to comment on the fantastic job done by ranch foreman,  Beattie McGill.  From the very first time that I contacted him right through to the day we left, Beattie made sure that we had everything we needed.  He identified a great set of outfitters for our day activities, checked with us on a daily basis in terms of our needs while at the ranch, and taught me to fly fish on top of the bargain.  When not busy with us, he was constantly at work around the property, a key to its beautifully maintained appearance.  Most importantly, Beattie is a genuinely friendly person who clearly cares about his clients. In short, I will recommend Alta Meadow Ranch and Beattie McGill to any of my friends who fancy a vacation in Montana  It's a can't miss proposition.      C. N. Dallas, TX


Thanks so much for an incredibly comfortable introduction to the state of Montana!  The Homestead was an ideal home base for hiking and exploring, especially the hot tub for our tired and sore legs.  It was great spending the five days in quiet seclusion with our new friend Roxie.  What a great dog!  There's a lot more we'd like to do, but there's always a next time.  Thanks for your hospitality, Beattie, we will definitely make it back soon.  MP & WM, San  Francisco, CA

This was our first experience traveling with our horses.  We had a great time riding the trails!  The horse facilities were wonderful, and I know that even our horses had a fun time.. B. was able to fly fish to his heart's content and I got to enjoy the peace and quiet of Alta Meadow.  The Stagecoach Inn is a charming and beautifully remodeled cabin.  We wish it was our to enjoy ever year, and who knows, maybe we'll be back next year to enjoy it all over again!  B & R B. El Dorado, KS

The two of us have only been married a week, and we had a wonderful beginning to our new lives together.  Not a day went by when we were not awestruck by the beautiful mountains, the glorious Milky Way, and magnificent wildlife.  There were excellent fish in the ponds, and fishing was even more enjoyable when Roxie would join us.  What was so memorable was the kind people at the ranch.  Beattie McGill and his family were always doing whatever they could to make sure we were the happiest guests. Thank you so much, and we'll be back as soon as possible.  By the way, the Homestead is awesome.  Try the hot tub.  T & M J.   Union Springs, AL

A much anticipated visit to the Bitterroot lived up to its promise... loved the cool crisp mornings and fresh mountain air and certainly the jacuzzi.  We really appreciated the detail of the Homestead, the attractive furnishings and special thoughtful touches.  Thank you so much for making everything so perfect.  D & K D. 

This is a wonderful vacation spot!  We couldn't have asked for nicer lodgings, a better host, or greater fishing.  The Barnhouse has everything a house needs.  We'll be back.  L & S B. Corona, CA.

Thank you for sharing your little corner of paradise with us - our stay was just too short! We will plan for a week next time. Thanks for your hospitality. J & R T.,  Lithonia, GA. 

Last month we had a wonderful vacation in Montana.  Actually we have gone there for the past five years, with fly-fishing being our main interest.  We have stayed in a wide variety of accommodations located in different areas within Montana.  Our last visit (July 10-18) was at Alta Meadow Ranch.   The accommodations, rates and flexibility made us want to know more.  We e-mailed the ranch and Beattie McGill responded quickly, answering all our questions and offered assistance in all facets of our trip.  In the past, many places we considered visiting were too restrictive.  We do not want to fish every day; have to eat three prepared meals (wife is a vegetarian) each day; or have to stay a certain number of nights.  In other words, the "full packages" are not for us.  At Alta Meadow Ranch, we felt at home during our eight night's stay.  The accommodations were sparkling clean and decorated in an inviting and comfortable manner.  The ranch afforded us the hiking and fishing we enjoy, along with our guided trips.  Most importantly, Beattie and his family were friendly, accommodating and helpful in every way.  We even made a new four-legged friend, Jake!  We hated to leave but were so impressed that we re-booked prior to our departure.  We are returning in early October and are anxious to do so.  To have this type of accommodations has provided us with the "best" vacation experience ever in Montana.  We have told all our friends that we have found our favorite place in Montana.  We would like to keep Alta Meadow Ranch our secret but have already recommended it to anyone interested in visiting that part of the country.  Our thanks for having such a fantastic property and to Beattie for making the visit so special.  Sincerely, Elke & Jerry Scholl, Greensboro, GA.

Just wanted you to know that the only thing that was better than our first visit to the ranch was the second visit!  We had a wonderful time and look forward to going back in April.  Elke & Jerry Scholl

I wanted to tell you how delightful my recent stay was at Alta Meadow Ranch.  Not only was the wildlife superb, but your managers, Beattie and Debbie, were the perfect hosts.  Cordial and accommodating, they saw to my every need and made me feel right at home.  They are gems!  Thank you for keeping your property intact for the marvelous moose who so benefit from its' habitat.  I'll be back!   Sincerely, R  B.,  Belgrade, MT.

Each summer five of my fraternity brothers and I meet for holiday.  We want the best of everything ... adventure, accommodations, relaxation.  Alta Meadow Ranch was the perfect destination for us.  We were not limited to a select handful of activities, as the ranch gives its guests the freedom to choose what they want to do.  Thus, we were able to cook for ourselves, when we wanted, in a gourmet kitchen, and choose only those activities of our interest.  The Ranch Manager was extremely helpful with arranging the best fishing guides and having ATVs & horses brought to the ranch.  The accommodations are incredible!  While the entire Ranch House is rustic and made of wood, we enjoyed all the comforts of our homes.  The experience is one that I will always remember as the best trip we've ever taken.  I will recommend this ranch, in this area of Montana, to anyone.  The sheer beauty of the area and ranch is enough to make your next way!  Brent Summerville, Houston, TX

Hey Beattie!

Well, we made it back safe and sound to North Dakota missing Alta Meadow all the way.  We searched for a long time on the internet to find just the right vacation spot, and we were not disappointed!  The Stagecoach Inn is fabulous!  It was obvious to us that great care had been taken not only in the meticulous restoration of the building, but also in adding just the perfect amenities to create a dream come true vacation home.  From the fully-equipped, modern kitchen to all the new furnishings and antique accessory tables to the beautifully framed historical photos on the walls to the relaxing whirlpool tub; we felt like we had found paradise in the Bitterroot Valley.  We didn't even mind doing laundry there because of the new washer and dryer!  To top it all off, we were able to walk just a few yards from the door to fly fish in a clear stream where we caught cutthroat and brook trout! We had the best time ever!  (J. has since decided that she will never camp again.)  Thanks for sharing your part of one of the most beautiful areas in the country.  We'll be back - for longer next time!  See ya! and thanks again.  You were a big part of our feeling so good about the place!  J & P L.                                                                                                                                                                                      

Hi Beattie,

B, K, W and I want to say thank you so much for all you did to make our time at the ranch as special as it was.  We spent two weeks in SW Montana, seeing a lot of wonderful places, doing lots of fun and interesting things, and meeting some great people.  But we all agree that being at the ranch brought all of those experiences together in one place.  The scenery was outstanding, the accommodations beautiful and comfortable, the fishing compelling (we just couldn't stay away from the West Fork), and all of the outfitters you recommended obviously the cream of the crop.  Your hospitality, Beattie, really put our visit over the top.  You were so helpful without overdoing it, and you have such a calm and kind way about you that we all looked forward to seeing you appear at our meadow on your 4-wheeler.  Thanks for all you did to make everything go so smoothly.  I took a really nice picture of a double rainbow over the Barnhouse, I'll fax it to you in then next few days.  W. wants to know if Roxie misses him!  We'll be in touch, and thanks again so much for everything.  S. N.  


We had a marvelous time at Alta Meadow Ranch.  Seeing Momma and Baby moose in the meadow within minutes of arriving at the Ranch House sort of set the scene for the week.  The children enjoyed the fishing, horseback riding, river rafting, scenic walks and the fine cuisine.  The accommodations were exceptional.  We had a great time and it was exceptionally peaceful, beautiful and memorable.  Thank you for helping us put the adventure together.                  Sincere regards,   M. M.  Sacramento CA


Thank you so very much to you and Beattie for a wonderful weekend at your Homestead cabin!  My friends and I had a wonderful stay, one that we will never forget!!  Kim mentioned over and over again your fully-stocked kitchen and every little thought you put into creating the perfect atmosphere for an "amateur chef".  Kellen, on the other hand, could not get enough fishing in, which was a great thing since that was what this trip was all about.  I, of course, will often think of the hot tub experiences!  And we all thought Friday evening's Northern Lights were awesome!!  What a perfect place, perfect atmosphere to be in to experience such a beautiful sight.  But I think the most memorable part of our stay was that you made us feel very welcome and at home through the entire weekend.  Again, thank you very much!  Sincerely,  C. A.  Missoula, Montana


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