Bannack was the first territorial capital of Montana, with the primary attraction being a rich gold strike in the 1860's.  It had other "firsts" such as the first jail, hotel, chartered Masonic lodge, hard rock mine, electric gold dredge, quartz stamped mill and commercial saw mill.  At one time, 3000 folks lived in Bannack, many of them prospectors.  Others, including the sheriff Henry Plumber, found more creative ways to get rich, such as robbery and murder.  Eventually, after approximately 100 victims, the sheriff and his gang were discovered and promptly hanged by a group of vigilantes.  The present-day ghostly form of Bannack is very well preserved and offers a rare opportunity for your imagination to wander back to those storied times.  This is particularly true on the third week-end in July, during Bannack Days, a celebration and revival of the gold rush era and frontier life.  


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